The Little “Bug” That Could 

Volkswagen has its origins in Germany in the thirties, and the meaning behind the German word Volkswagen is “the car of the people“, Germany had sought to create without much success an economic car to be manufactured within its borders, but ended up being overly simple, remaining practically ordinary, for the later acquisition of the German working class. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a car of a price of acquisition higher than the salary of an average worker.

Image above: 1965 Volkswagen (VW) Karmann Ghia by Johnny Lightning

In 1930 Ferdinand Porsche established a car design company, and he was contacted by Adolf Hitler later that year, Adolf Hitler proposed the idea of ​​creating a car for the people, this car would be able to transport five people and reach more than one hundred kilometers per hour.

Before 1935 Porsche introduced two prototypes into the car market, which were called “V” which was the experimental, and “V2” which was the convertible version. From there it followed with a new model the “VW3” that settled to a definitive version that ended up being denominated “VW30“. After the end of the war, the Allied forces, in which the brits were included, took possession of the company, also interested in the creation of a light transport. After 1945 the company happened to be called by its definitive name Volkswagen and the company was returned to the German government.

Image above: Greenlight Panel Van Kombi (Firestone), 1990 VW Crew Cab Transporter (light blue), Kombi Red and White (Welly), Green BBurago Samba light Green and Greenlight 1976 Texaco VW Pickup

Already for 1949, the production of the Volkswagen increased considerably, they built a utility transport car, the “VW Transporter“. They began to export to other countries of Europe; such as Denmark, Sweden, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and Belarus. In the mid-fifties, they invaded the North American market with relative success.

They built a Volkswagen branch in Latin America in the heart of Brazil, where they would end up captivating the whole Latin American territory.

It was demonstrated at the beginning of the millennium according to several studies and statistics that the three-star vehicles of the brand; the Golf, the Beetle, and the Passat are among the best selling vehicles of all time.

Image above: VW Amarok Pickup by SIKU

VW is one of the brands car with more movie participation, like in Herbie (an 1962 Beetle), Footloose (an 1972 Beetle) or Forest Gump (an 1961 Beetle).

Volkswagen is a conglomerate with an important global presence that has in its catalog other famous brands, such as; Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Ducati, Lamborghini, Porsche, SEAT and Skoda. In addition to the truck manufacturer Scania.

Image above: Golf GTI by Hot Wheels

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