About Us

Who we are?

We are the third generation of Car Collective and Car Lovers, since 1940.

We re-started our collection in 2013 adding new brands like Hot Wheels, M2 Machines or Greenlight.

Today we have more than 500 pieces in our Die cast collection, most of them 1/64 and 1/32.

What we collect?

Most of the brands that we collect are Hot Wheels (by Mattel), Matchbox (by Mattel), Majorette, Welly, BBurago, Greenlight, M2 Machines and Maisto. We also have other brands like Norev.


What we want to do to share?

We share to collection as a hobby and entertainment. Most of our pictures are taken in our Set Box in our Garage, using Dioramas that we found over internet or that we made. Other pictures are taken in natural sceneries like beach and parks


Next steps…

For the next months and years, we plan to take more pictures of new and exotic diecast cars, also build and develop a YouTube Channel for showroom and races videos of diecast cars. In the near future we plan to develop a restauration project of a real scale car.


In one paragraph we are:

The Toys Garage. The place to Build, Learn, Play and Race using Dioramas and Die-cast Cars by Mattel Brands (Hot Wheels, Matchbox), Majorette, Welly Diecast, BBurago, M2 Machines, M2 Machines and Maisto. Also we share Lego blocks constructions, Remote Control Car Toys and much more toys to share and enjoy with our followers and friends across the world.